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    Mike RosenbergMike Rosenberg

    In most, if not all, human organizations and certainly in business, somebody needs to keep track of the money. Capital needs to be raised, allocated, distributed, and then measured both for the purpose of running the organization itself and also in order to report to the relevant authorities, shareholders, and other interested parties.

    Automation and artificial intelligence are changing some of the details of this function, but the essential role is future-proof. A former student has, for example, launched a company that provides an AI which reads and processes invoices thus reducing the number of people needed in most firms by 80 percent. Someone, however, needs to set the policy about which supplier should be paid and how soon.

    Finance, in many ways, is the language of business, and there will always be demand for people who are fully fluent in it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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