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    Mike RosenbergMike Rosenberg

    I have lived just outside of Barcelona for 30 years and still find the city a great place to call home. I actually live in a small town called Sitges which is about 40km form the city, just past the airport and a small nature reserve. Besides the culture and the food, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan european city which is reasonably well connected to the rest of the world and provides plenty of opportunities for sports and entertainment. The weather is fantastic too.

    The main drawback to the Barcelona is that its industrial fabric is relatively limited. The city boasts great universities, a strong biomedical sector, and wineries but has a lower amount of start ups, financial institutions, and manufacturing companies than other cities.

    Please feel free to add your thoughts about Barcelona but try to ue the subject field so that others can add to your posts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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