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The Learning to Fly blog captures additional thoughts on how to think about careers and adds to the framework and other sections of Learning to Fly

Different phases, different wants and needs

When engineers embark on a new car design they look at two types of features that the new car should have. Wants are the features that it would be nice to have and needs are those things that are absolutely essential for the new car to be competitive in the marketplace. Applying the same construct…

Roles to play in ESG

The other day a student asked me about different career options in the broader area of ESG. What I told her is that these three concepts have been brought together by the finance industry and the rating agencies that work with them but that they are three, very different topics. The E is about the…

Learning to Fly in North America

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to present Learning to Fly to groups of IESE Alumni and their guests in New York City and Toronto. Whenever I do these sessions I hear more people’s stories and find myself both intrigued and inspired. I will share two of those stories about the responsibility…

Telling your professional story

People love to listen to and tell stories. When I meet people to talk about their professional situation, they almost always start off by telling their story. Some of their stories are fascinating while others are predictable or a bit confusing. What many people’s story shows is how little conscious thought they had apparently put…

Difficult times require more thinking

If there is one thing that the last two and a half years have shown me is that the future is unpredictable. The first time I heard about the virus we now know as Covid-19, my sister pointed out that it might not be a good time to travel to China. This was in early…

Life on the river

I find a useful metaphor in thinking about a person’s professional life can sometimes be to compare it white water rafting or going on a very long canoe trip.

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